• / San Francisco to Los Angeles, 500 miles / •
May 25th to May 29th 2009

We arrived in San Francisco Sunday afternoon, greeted by
cold and windy weather. We spent the rest of the day
riding SF, catching up with friends, and eating.

Eating became a familiar topic. The following five days were
spent pedalling, eating, more pedalling, eating, laughing
and sleeping. Then getting up and doing it again.

They were 5 great days.


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• / Day 1, May 25th 2009 / •

The plan was to push it to Monterey. Riding the 130 miles
made sense on the first day as we were fresh and naive.

I was a little worried about how my knee would hold up
with back to back centuries. But going that little extra
everyday shaved off an extra day in the saddle.




• / Trevor gets the first flat 15 miles in / •
• / Trevor gets the second flat at mile 90 / •
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